Preference for Hiring in Employment

It shall be the policy and practice of the Corporate Employers to recruit Corporate Team Members according or the following priorities:

First: Qualified candidates who are enrolled members of the Pueblo of Pojoaque.
Second: Qualified candidates who are not enrolled members of the Pueblo of Pojoaque, but who are spouses, significant others, or children of enrolled members of the Pueblo of Pojoaque. 
Third: Qualified candidates who are enrolled members of another (Non-Pojoaque) Indian Tribe.
Fourth: Other qualified Candidates


2019-BTI-036: Maintenance Engineer
FT/PT Status:Full Time
Department:Facilities Engineering

OB PURPOSE: Maintains the interior and exterior structures and utilities for the Casino’s, Hotel, Sports Bar, and other locations as assigned.


  • Electrical and Plumbing:  Assists with electrical tasks such as replacing defective electrical switches and other fixtures.  Assists with plumbing tasks such as sweating pipe, cutting and actual construction of plumbing for fresh water and waste water.  Snaking drains, repairing, installing, and replacing faucets, washer parts, and winterizes water system.  Replaces hose bibs, valves, nipples, unions, and elbows.               

  • Carpentry:  Assists in performing carpentry work in the maintenance, construction, alterations and repair of structures with wooden and wood substitute items on structures such as windows and door encasements, screens, window glass, interior and exterior trim, staircases, thresholds, cornices, exhibit cases, and panels.  Works on major construction such as building a complete room.  Works on framework and wooden items of plywood, veneers, and softwoods in repairs and making fine cabinets and furniture.  Relies on Lead Carpenter for initial layout and guidance to final assembly.  Removes old covers and installs new covers on pit and poker tables.       

  • Refrigeration/Air Conditioning:  Checks air conditioning filters and performs ice machine repairs.  Relies on Head Engineer for guidance and direction.      

  • Painting:  Does brush and roller painting of interior and exterior structures, furnishings, and wood trim with pre-mixed paints and stains.  Moves drop cloths, and cleans walls in preparation for paint.  Cleans brushes, rollers, and spray equipment.           

  • Minor/Major Appliance Repairs (excluding gas):  Replaces parts on kitchen appliances such as meat slicer, dough mixer, warmers (portable and stationary), garbage disposals, and dishwashers.                                                                                

  • Miscellaneous:  Does general laboring work digs ditches with pick and shovel. Drives and operates pickup trucks up to (1) ton.  Hauls and loads materials to project site, cleans up, and removes excess materials to storage or disposal.  May assist with maintaining televisions as requested.  Patches and repairs minor roof leaks.  Pours and finishes concrete for floors, walks, and ramps.                                   

  • Other duties as assigned


  • Basic working knowledge and ability to handle different kinds of tools and equipment including plumb lines, chalk lines, spirit levels, dividers, calipers, routers, planers, sanders, and other hand and power tools, such as scrapers, ladders, square shovels, picks, trowels, knives, spreaders, screwdrivers, pliers, staple gun, brushes, rollers, spray equipment, pneumatic hammer and drill.

  • Ability to perform duties and use tools and equipment in a safe and acceptable manner and in compliance with casino safety regulations and work standards.

  • Basic math skills.  Must be able to add, subtract, multiply, divide and work with simple fractions.

  • Good verbal communication skills.

  • Frequent guest interaction may be required so the ability to professionally communicate with others is essential.

  • Drug free at all times and subject to pre-employment and random screening.

  • All employees must maintain a neat, clean and well-groomed appearance. Specific uniform guidelines and/or required articles of clothing will be explained to you as a part of the orientation process.


  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Equivalent experience considered

  • Practical experience and/or knowledge in at least (2) trades related to buildings and utilities maintenance and repair



    • Standing-70% /Walking-25% /Sitting-5%; Workshop/Office setting. 

    • Exposure to cigarette smoke and noise.

    • May be required to work outside in all kinds of weather. 

    • Outside work areas may include working on roofs or other elevated areas

    • Kneeling, bending, climbing, or stretching for extended periods of time. 

    • Often works in cramps areas, exposed to hot, cold, dusty or wet conditions. 

    • Frequently lifts and carries items weighing 50 lbs. unassisted. 

    • With assistance, occasionally lifts items weighing 75 lbs. or more. 

    • May also work with cleaning compounds and fluids. 

    • Utilizes safety devices and apparel as required. 

    • Shift work required. 

    • Required to work weekends, holidays, and overtime.